Nude in the New Year

And by nude I of course mean nude lips! I am so obsessed with nude lips and I just went a bit crazy with getting a bunch of new nude shades to ring in this New Year. I am going to discuss all of the different colors I got and discuss all of the different brands and how they differ from one another.nudeinnewyear

So first, as all make-up gurus should know, you should ALWAYS use a lip primer or baume before applying lipstick. Applying a primer or baume before lipstick is key to the most amazing lips. The primer not only makes the lipsticks look nicer on the lips but it also adds hydration and shine. My favorite lip primers to use are by MAC and Chanel. {MAC lip primer, Chanel lip baume}

My favorite nude lip by MAC cosmetics is called Crème D’nude. This is just an awesome completely nude lipstick. There are no hints of pink or shimmer so it really gives your lips a completely nude look. {MAC ‘Crème D’nude’}

My favorite nude lip color by Nars is called Honolulu! It is almost like a honey nude color and I absolutely love wearing it. It also layers really well with some of the nude lip liners and lip pencils that Nars has to offer! {Nars ‘Honolulu’}

The best thing about YSL lipstick is that it is so infused with moisture that it glides on so silky smooth on your lips. I love YSL lipsticks and their 001 color, which is their classic nude color, is great. {YSL ‘001’}

I rave ALL the time about how much I absolutely LOVE Tom Ford’s lipsticks. If you have not tried them run out right this instant and get yourself some. I swear by this stuff. It is the best lipstick ever because it actually stays on for the whole day! And, the blush nude color is so pretty on the lips! I highly suggest this one! {Tom Ford ‘blush nude’}

Also!!  VERY EXCITING… this post is also my first post on!!  Everyone be sure to go check it out and follow hautemessmag on instagram and twitter!  Let me know if any of you go out and try these nude lipsticks so that we can all be nude in the New Year 😉

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XO Haley

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