Playful Patterns

Today my sister and I went to the Arts District to see all of the amazing street art that is covering the streets from head to toe! It was so neat to see all of the art and to explore another part of downtown Los Angeles. Of course while going to the Arts District I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for backdrops for one of my blog posts! This post is all about patterns, patterns, and MORE patterns!! I love mixing and matching patterns, keeps my style funky fresh!IMG_3073


IMG_3714 IMG_9772 IMG_2261 IMG_9178 IMG_4706 IMG_3779FullSizeRenderPrinted crop top//Sam Edelman ‘Becker’ Cheetah print shoes//Checkered bag//black skirt

I am so in love with my new Sam Edelman ‘Becker’ Cheetah print shoes! I am obsessed with cheetah print (I mean who isn’t right?) and these shoes are so comfortable. I can always count on Same Edelman to make comfortable shoes.  The Printed crop top I am wearing is from Nordstrom (obvi!) and it is almost like a swimsuit material, so comfortable! This Checkered bag is from ASOS and it is so fun to wear.  It adds so much to any outfit.  Mixing patterns and prints is definitely one of my favorite things to do!

I hope you all have enjoyed the art from the Arts District and will have some inspiration when it comes to mixing patterns together! It might seem scary at first but once you do it, it is so much fun. Now I always want to mix patterns! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

XO Haley

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