2015 Jewelry Trends!

I love, love, LOVE jewelry and this year there are many new trends to keep an eye out for!


I absolutely love ear jackets! They are a very new trend and a new type of earring. BaubleBar is selling so many cute pairs of these and Nordstrom sells a few pairs of these as well! I love ear jackets because they hang just below your earlobe. These earrings are so cool and unique! They are a must for 2015!

Midi rings are so fun to wear! Everyone ALWAYS asks me “aren’t you afraid they are going to fall off?” And my answer is always no! They are made to be very tight around the tops of your fingers. Midi rings take your everyday jewelry one step above everyone else who isn’t wearing them! They are only the trendiest rings to have. You can get midi rings pretty much anywhere so keep your eye out for them!

Body chains are seriously SO cool! They add so much to any outfit. Whether it be a crop top, a long sleeve, or a bathing suit. They immediately add glam to your outfit. Body chains also work as your necklace for the day with the outfit you are wearing. They sell body chains at many stores but mine is from Brandy Melville!

The ring to bracelet jewelry piece is definitely a piece that is going to be a huge trend this year. I love the ring to bracelet because it is a two-in-one, so you only have to put one piece on but you’re hitting two birds with one stone! This piece is also so trendy and a definite conversation starter. I know before I got mine I always looked at people wearing them and said “OMG I have to get one of those!”

Be sure to go out and get all of this jewelry so that you stay up with the jewelry trends of 2015!

XO Haley

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