On Friday I went and visited the Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibit in Los Angeles! This exhibit was extremely innovative and very visually appealing.  There were about seven different rooms that the exhibit takes you through. Each room has a different visual for everyone to look at. It was so exciting and entertaining, I definitely suggest everyone checking it out if they are in LA!IMG_3754

Right when you walk into the exhibit the first room you are brought into is the welcome room and it has the LV logo in red lights!

IMG_7955 IMG_7937

The next room that you get taken into was this crazy room that seemed like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. There were projections of heads that were speaking and it was kind of an eerie feeling being in that room! The next room that we went into was a room where they projected the history behind Louis Vuitton as a brand. This was interesting because it was all projected on an open Louis Vuitton trunk which gave for a very cool look. The next room was a room that had three different videos showing how Louis Vuitton purses, boots, and clothing are made. It showed the seamstresses making the unique pieces and how intricate their work they do is, it was very interesting to watch! The next room we went in was my personal favorite! It was all white and had models holding Louis Vuitton bags!

IMG_7652 IMG_4260 IMG_9561And of course I had to be Vest Dressed while at this Louis Vuitton exhibit! I am wearing an ASTR skirt from Nordstrom. This skirt is a faux leather midi skirt and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I am pairing it with a printed crop top that might look very familiar from this post from a few weeks ago! This crop top is so cute and so comfy that I am always trying to wear it! And of course I have my staple Steve Madden Booties on. For my purse I decided to wear my adorable mint green Rebecca Minkoff ‘Envelope’ clutch to bring some color into my white and black outfit!

The next room was an all mirrored room with models walking the runway decked out in Louis Vuitton. This room was especially cool because it made it seem like we were sitting front row at the most amazing fashion show ever. And the last room was filled with clothing, purses, shoes, and Louis Vuitton jewelry. Once you get all the way through completing the exhibit you get to go get a poster and two free stickers (who doesn’t love Louis Vuitton stickers?!) It was an awesome exhibit and I HIGHLY suggest everyone checking it out living in the LA area! ALSO it is COMPLETELY free, so why not indulge in such an awesome activity?!

Have any of you gone to see the #lvseries2?! Let me know and comment about what you thought about the exhibit!






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  1. I Love LV! Although… I’ll say I was gifted a purse one time that looked like a bowling ball holder and I didn’t love it, but overall you can’t go wrong with Louis Vuitton!

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