Sample Sale Survivor

Sample sale survivor, the few, the proud.

Phew! What a weekend my sister and I had going to sample sales in LA! We first went to the Nasty Gal sample sale and let me tell you, that was an EXPERIENCE. We got there at 9:40am and it was supposed to open at 10am. Of course the line did not even budge till around 10:40am. So, naturally, by now, my sister and I are ready to kill each other. Our backs hurt, the people in front of us are annoying, and it was supposed to start at 10am! We like when things are done promptly. So finally the line starts to pick up. This is the only Nasty Gal store currently open ever (the one in Santa Monica is opening this summer!) so they had never run a sample sale before. I hope they run there next sample sale much better than they did this one (AHEM, rent a warehouse in the warehouse district). It was technically called a “garage sale” and it was LITERALLY in the tiniest garage ever. Like maybe a one car garage, like come on people. So since the shopping space was so small the employees had to highly monitor how many people were in the space at one time. Since only about 10 people at a time would fit the line took FOREVER! I believe all in all we were at this sample sale for 5 fours. FIVE HOURS. It was insane. The prices of the items were pretty good but after five hours you kind of just want everything to be free. My sister got a skirt and we left as hangry as can be.


IMG_5274-1(The sample sale had me like ^^^)

Although my sister and I left Nasty Gal annoyed and saying we would probably never go to a sample sale again, we woke up the next morning to hit the Brandy Melville sample sale (who can say no to a good sale, I mean really). So we drove past the Brandy Melville sale and immediately went and got breakfast. There were probably 250 tweens all camped out ready to buy $5 brandy clothes. We came back around 2pm and it was swiped! I did manage to get a cool tank top, however! This Sunday, March 1 (side note: I cannot believe it is already March) there will be another sample sale for Brandy Melville!

Location: 664 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA (In the warehouse district in DTLA!)

I would get there at like 2am if you want anything good. Just FYI

In the tune of Destiny’s Child “I’m A Survivor”….

I’m a survivor, I’m a sample sale fighter, I’m gonna search harder, ’till I find the best deals

A Vest Dressed original!

XO Haley


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  1. haha omg sounds horrible. I considered going to this sample sale, but I hate being in LA traffic for hours and then standing in LA people lines… where people are usually super annoying lol. Maybe I’ll go to the next one singing your sample sale survivor song haha..

    stop by and chat 🙂

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