When life gives you lemons, make sure they’re lulu!

Five miles later and I completed a round trip to the Hollywood sign! Hiking to the Hollywood sign is something that I feel like everyone has to experience at least once in their life! And if you are going to hike fashionably then you have to hike in Lulu Lemon, only of course!

Vestdressed Lulu Lemon

I swear by Lulu Lemon workout clothes! I remember about five years ago when I got my first pair of pants for Hanukkah my sister said, “you better wear those 100 times, since they were 100 dollars”. While at first my family was hesitant about the brand, now everyone in my family besides my brother owns Lulu Lemon in some shape or form. And let me tell you, I have worn my pants OVER 100 times and Lulu Lemon is DEFINITELY worth the money.

I am wearing Lulu Lemon CropsLulu Lemon Pullover, Lulu Lemon TankPanache Sports BraNike hatUnder Armour SocksNike Shoes

For all of you who read my post about swim suits then you will know that finding a supportive sports bra is just as much of a challenge as finding a swim suit. Panache Sports Bra‘s are hands down the best sports bra’s you can purchase for full support. They are amazing! So if you have my dilemma give this sports bra a try.

Vestdress Lulu Lemon

FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-1My best friend is here visiting for her Spring Break so this was the ultimate activity to do with her! We had so much fun working up a sweat while staying fashionable at the same time!

I hope everyone stays fashionably fit and if you have questions about an address for getting to the back of the Hollywood sign just comment and I can give you all the information!

Stay Vestdressed even while hiking everyone!

XO Haley

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  1. I love Lu Lu Lemon too! I think that chain was started in Canada..my home country! I have a post on my blog with that same Hollywood sign in the background…that was the most amazing experience and view ! Love your blog…saw it on bloglovin’!

    Happy Blogging

  2. I <3 Lululemon so hard!! One of my biggest regrets in life is giving away a kickin' Lululemon jacket. I could smack myself for doing that, but I was pregnant at the time and couldn't picture myself ever being small again. The things hormones do to a woman's clarity….

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