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Disneyland and Disney World are by far my favorite places to go to. Now that I live 45 minutes from Disneyland I am definitely going to have to get a season pass! Picking out your Disney outfit is a very important decision but it can also be very hard. I always say to go with something that is comfortable and practical. I will show you what I wore and give you some more tips for what to wear to Disney or just amusement parks in general!What to wear to disney, disney land, disney world, forever 21, mickey mouse, minnie earsDSC_0220 IMG_1852 IMG_1704 DSC_0235 Disneyland, disney world, what to wear to disney, dressing for disney, forever 21 IMG_7619 IMG_5709 IMG_2322 IMG_2290As you can see from the photos my day was picture perfect! It is Disneyland’s 60th Birthday so the castle dazzling. Disneyland warms my heart and immediately makes me think of all of the amazing memories I have had at Disney over the years. From going on countless family vacations, to interning with the Disney College Program, and going with different groups of friends, Disney never disappoints. The perfect Disney day is hitting all the major rides, getting smart fast passes, and of course eating all of the sweets in sight!

When it comes to what to wear to Disney it is very simple. Keep it comfy, cute, and practical! I wore Mickey Mouse Shorts with a Grey Tee-Shirt and of course some Disney ears! The other really great part about my outfit is that I am wearing Vans X Disney! Vans collaborated with Disney and are making the cutest shoes! Mine have Minnie Mouse on them but they have others with Mickey Mouse, the Princesses, Pooh Bear and so many more. I was a bit nervous wearing new Vans to an amusement park but to my pleasant surprise I came home with ZERO blisters! I could not believe it!

For the night time I brought a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt in my backpack to change into because it always seems to get a bit cold when you are trying to watch the firework shows. Bringing a change of clothes to Disney or any amusement park is always a great idea because you never know when you might need to change!

I hope this helps you all stay Vest Dressed on your next Disney trip!

XO Haley, graphic design, blog graphics

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