Pool Days of Summer

It is officially summer for me as I am on a break from FIDM! These first few days of my break all I have done is go to the pool! I absolutely love laying out in the sun and splashing around in the pool. It is so relaxing. And of course no pool day is complete without a pool full of floaties! Below I am linking all the links to the floaties that I own!floaties, watermleon floaties, pool, donut floatiepool floaties, amazon, watermelon floatie, ice cream cone floaties, smarties floatie DSC_0239 DSC_0243 DSC_0259 DSC_0278 swan floatie, taylor swift, calvin harris, taylor swift and calvin harris DSC_0221Donut Floatie//Ice Cream Cone Floaties//Swan Floatie//Watermelon Floatie//SMARTIES Pool Noodle//Seafolly Swimsuit//VIX Swimwear

These pool floaties are SO much fun and a must have for everyone in the summer time! They make going to the pool so much more fun! So make sure you get some cool pool floaties this summer to keep your pool time Vest Dressed!

XO Haley, graphic design, blog graphics


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