Swing Swing

When deciding what to wear out to meet up with friends I always go with a flowy tank top, a pair of skinny jeans, booties, and some gold jewelry. Wearing an outfit that is casual but dressing it up with jewelry is the perfect mix of casual and cute. DSC_0052 DSC_0060 DSC_0075A-Line Tank Top//Hudson Skinny Jeans//Steve Madden Booties//Tory Burch Clutch

Photos By:ย Kelsey Vest

This tank top is sooo soft and so fun to wear since it swings all around! I kept this outfit pretty simple by wearing a light grey tank, however, you could throw a more colorful top on to spice up the outfit a bit more. The Hudson Jeans I am wearing are one of my favorite pairs of pants! If you all have not tried Hudson now is the time to do it! They do not stretch out like most jeans do and they wear really well. I wore a ripped pair with my outfit to add a little edge! And when in doubt add some gold to dress up the outfit a bit!

Have fun with your outfits when you go out to meet your friends and wear a swingy top to keep you Vest Dressed!

XO Haley, graphic design, blog graphics

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