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Pajamas are probably one of my favorite things ever. When blogging and doing homework all the time it is crucial that I have a wide selection of comfy ones around. After all being pajama chic is all the rage, right!?Wildfox pajamasWildfox Pajamassocks, nordy girl, nordy girl socks, nordstrom, comfy, robert kardashianDSC_0045DSC_0055Wildfox Pajamas//Nordy Girls Socks

Photos By:Β Kelsey Vest

I am a huge fan of nightgowns. For quite a while they have been my go-to pajama. Wildfox makes the most comfortable and soft pajamas ever! Whether you get one of their cute nighties or a two-piece set they are sure to impress. I love being comfy so I tend to put on a pair of socks with any pajama-like outfit I wear. These socks are perfect for me because I am a Nordy Girl born and bred! I love Nordstrom, my Mom loves Nordstrom, and my Grandmother loved Nordstrom so I would say it runs in the family!

Having cute pajamas will keep you Vest Dressed when just lounging around your apartment or home. Who said you should only look good when leaving the house?

XO Haley, graphic design, blog graphics


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