Suede for Days

Suede and fringe and knee high socks, OH MY! These three things have been a constant lately on here so why not throw them all together in one outfit! I wore a fringe skirt a few posts back but this one is black and only half fringe. The fringe skirt and top are both suede.Suede, fringe, knee high socks, bootieslos angeles fashion blogger in suede DSC_0410 DSC_0419Suede Top//Suede Fringe Skirt//Knee High Socks//Β Steve Madden Booties

Photos By: Kelsey Vest

I love how the olive green knee high socks brought some color into this otherwise neutral outfit. At first I was a bit nervous about wearing suede on suede but I ended up loving how the combination turned out. Make sure to try suede and fringe this season to keep you Vest Dressed!


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