Dressing business casualΒ can throw a lot of people off. Normally it’s just confusion as to what business casual actually means. To me, it means to dress nicely but not too fancy. A great business casual outfit is wearing dark denim and a nice top with a pair of heels or booties.DSC_0640

business casual, how to dress business casual DSC_0672ASTR Floral Blouse//Pink Blazer//Hudson Jeans//Steve Madden Booties

This floral blouse is one of my favorites in my wardrobe right now. This is more of a winter floral since the colors are dark. Something else that is very cool about this shirt is that it has a built in neck tie. Neck tie’s are extremely in right now and they are a complete obsession of mine! When wearing denim in a business casual situation make sure it is a dark denim. Dark denim is slimming and just looks nicer overall.

Throwing a hot pink blazer on top of this outfit brings out my personality and adds a pop of color to it. Dressing business appropriate does not mean that you cannot wear color, remember that! I love color and I love black and white outfits as well, but don’t be afraid to show your personality and dress outside the box a bit.

When going to your next business casual event make sure to try a fall floral blouse and a fun bright blazer to keep you Vest Dressed!

XO, graphic design

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