YOU’RE GETTING BOTOX?!?!??? was just about everyone’s reaction when I told them. Yes, I said, but not for my face, for my hands. I have had extremely clammy hands and feet ever since I can remember. The daunting thought of having to shake anyones hand or hold anyones hand was always my worst fear. Seeing the person you just shook hands with wipe their hand off on their pants or skirt after was just about the most horrifying and disgusting thing. The thought that I could never hold a boys hand without being self-conscious and wondering if in their head they are wondering why the hell my hands are so gross. Growing up my siblings would always tease me and tell me how gross it was that my hands were always wet. And well, I know my iPhone and MacBook aren’t supposed to get wet but they were always soaked from my hand sweat. This my friends, is called hyperhidrosis.hyperhidrosis, botox, los angeles bloggerI had researched getting Botox for my Hyperhidrosis for an extremely long time. I have always been extremely self conscious about my gross hands and I wanted a way to stop it for good, or, at least for a while. I had been to dermatologists growing up and they would give me a cream of some sort but it never really made sense to me why putting a cream on already sweaty hands would work??!!? Like hello I can’t even use lotion, cream isn’t going to work! I gave up on getting help for it for a while until I finally decided I needed Botox. I am going to be going on many interviews and eventually I hope to date someone (any takers?!? hi haha) and the last thing I want running through my mind at this age is wondering what they just thought when touching my hands. So my wonderful parents once again supported my Hyperhidrosis Botox journey and my hands have never been better. I am SO happy I got this done. My Mom came with me when I got this done and took over my snapchat (@haleyvest) so I will show you the photos that were on there and break down the steps for all of you curious!

Step 1: Numbing Cream. My hands were lathered with numbing cream for about an hour before the Botox.botox, hyperhidrosis

Step 2: The materials were dropped off. I had to stare at these needles for a good 30 minutes people. To say I almost backed out looking at the needles is not a lie.botox, hyperhydrosis, botox for hyperdrosis

Step 3: Ice! After about an hour I washed the numbing cream off and put ice packs on my hands for about 30 mins. I was pretty nervous because my hands didn’t feel nearly as numb as I wanted them to feel but the ice helped them get even more numb which was great.botox, hyperhidrosis, botox for hyperhidrosis

Step 4: BOTOX. It was finally time. To say I was nervous would be an understatement.IMG_0230 IMG_8166

After the Botox what my hands looked like…botox, hyperhidrosis, botox for hyperhidrosis IMG_9799

My hands were bruised a few days after but nothing too terrible. Botox did hurt but not as bad as a facial with extractions! I cried during my facial and this did not make me cry. If you don’t like needles I don’t think this would be for you though. This is a procedure that I would have to get done every 6 months or so to keep it up! Next I want to do my feet! I am extremely happy with the results so far and I would highly suggest it! If you have any questions about anything else let me know in the comments below!

XO, graphic design

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  1. As long as it makes you feel better about yourself that’s all that matters! I think it’s awesome you did it. My doctor told me I should get botox for my migraines, I’m scared to though.

    1. Yes so true and now I feel so confident! Oh you definitely should if he says it will help! It will be way less pokes since your doctor will be targeting muscles and not sweat glands!

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