Crop Top Layering

Crop top layering is my favorite way to bring crop tops into the fall and winter seasons. Crop tops are one of my favorite articles of clothing and I would hate to restrict myself and not be able to wear them during the cooler months of the year!Crop top layering, how to wear crop tops in the winterIMG_3844 IMG_4914Blouse//Hudson Jeans//Steve Madden Booties

This blouse that I am wearing is a two-in-one blouse with the crop top attached to the blouse. However, you can take any crop top in your wardrobe and throw a collared shirt or long sleeve shirt underneath and BOOM! you can wear your favorite crop top in the winter!

I love this trend so much and I think it makes for a very classy yet trendy look! Be sure to try it out to stay Vest Dressed!

XO, graphic design

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