Suede & Lace

Wearing long sleeve shirts under dresses is what all the cool kids are doing, so naturally, I had to join in. Not only is this really on trend but it is also a great way to layer and keep warm this fall/winter season!DSC_0849suede dresshow to wear a suede dress

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I love that this suede burgundy dress has a funky zipper down the front. It makes it different from the other suede dress I own. The other thing I absolutely love about this dress is that it has a high neck. Since I am so tall this dress is pretty short on me so if skin shows a lot in one area then you cover up the opposite area. So this layering effect was perfect for me in this dress since it kept my top half of my body very covered.

Throwing long sleeve shirts on under outfits is very trendy and I am a huge fan of it. This makes it so you can turn your favorite summer dresses into your newly renovated favorite winter dress. This trend also allows for you to get double the use out of your clothes and who isn’t a fan of that!

Make sure to try a long sleeve shirt under a dress to keep you Vest Dressed!

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