Interview Outfit Ready

When going to a job or internship interview it is always daunting figuring out what to wear to it. Depending on the job you can sometimes dress a little more out of the box but I am going to show a very standard and simple outfit that will be easy to create for all of you who are out there looking for jobs and internships!what to wear to an interviewwhat to wear to an interview DSC_0305 DSC_0306Button Down Shirt//Pencil Skirt//Black Heels//Givenchy Handbag

When going to an interview it is key to remember to be modest! If you are a female and have a male interviewing you, you do not want to accidentally give off the wrong idea if your skirt is too short or your shirt is too low cut. Going with an easy button down and pencil skirt gives across the impression that you are not only stylish but also extremely professional.

Professionalism never goes out of style. You could also pair this outfit with a cute pair of flats if you would be more comfortable walking in that for an interview. Be you, be comfortable, and show them what you got and you will OWN the interview and everyone around will want you!

Try to remember these easy tips on your next interview!

XO, graphic design

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