Love in the 21st Century

LOVE (n). an intense feeling of deep in the 21st century, dating in the 21st century, what it's like to date in 2016Dating, hanging out, being casual, in a relationship, married, texting, facetiming, calling, snapchatting, and hanging out but NOT wanting to date. This is what is known as love in the 21st century.

Me, being a hopeless romantic, I find it all a bit strange. My parents have had a love since they were seniors in high school. While I always dreamed that I would have a love like theirs it is yet to be found. Growing up with such loving parents and one of the most romantic Dad’s of all time, I have crazy high expectations.

Conversations these days with all of my girlfriends are normally about guys. Sending texting convos back and forth, helping come up with responses, and hating on the guy together when they bail or do something we don’t think is right.

Finding a guy who ACTUALLY wants a relationship these days is seemingly impossible. Yeah they want to hang out and see you when they can but once that scary word DATING comes into the picture guys seem to back down. As someone who believes in love and finding their soulmate it is beyond upsetting and a bit discouraging. My friends and I will ask what’s wrong with us? Why don’t we have boyfriends but other people do? While it doesn’t all make sense right now there is bound to be a reason for it.

Self-respect is something that is so incredibly important and it is something that is being swiped from so many girls these days. Girls are just letting guys do what they want when they want and we all have to learn to stand up for ourselves and not just turn to mush when the guy we’ve been wanting to text us all day finally does text us.

So, that was me just ranting on somethings I think about a lot. Being a 22 year old in such a big city I am just here to have fun. And when I find the love of my life one day, I know it’ll be the best day ever. For now, you can find me in my pj’s eating pizza and anything cinnamon sugar flavored.

XO, graphic design

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