The BEST Products for Your Brows

Isn’t it so weird to think that just a few years ago no one cared AT ALL about eyebrows?!!? One of my very best friends used to fill her eyebrows in before everyone else caught on and I wish I could say I did it early too but I didn’t. Now, if you love your brows as much as me then you know that you cannot leave the house unless the brows are on and if your brows are having an off day then get ready for the day ahead because it is not going to be an easy one.

I have three, yes, three, brow products that I swear by! I use them all depending on the foundation I use and what I will be doing that day.eyebrows, eyebrow products, what to use on your eyebrowsbrows, eyebrow products, best products for your eyebrows

  1. MAC Brow Liner: I loveeeeee this pencil! I get the color Strawberry Blonde which is crazy in the first place that they have such a color but so awesome for a redhead! This is a lighter product for my brows that I love to use when I am wearing not so much makeup.
  2. Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil:Β This brow pencil is greaaaaatttt!! This one is a bit darker so i use this one when I am wearing a bit more makeup. I like to switch up between the MAC one and this one. This one s great because it spreads really well and gives your eyebrow that full look that we are all on the hunt for!
  3. And of course, my beloved, Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I use the Dipbrow and it is LIFE.CHANGING. people! It stays on SO well and they even have a color called auburn! And if you know me really well then you know that I will tell everyone I have auburn hair if they try to call me a ginger (don’t try, I’ll win). So the fact they have auburn already stole my heart but then I started wearing it and I will never go back. I use this instead of the MAC or Benefit pencil’s when I know that I will be out all day. If I am trying to go from day to night and still have flawless eyebrows then this is absolutely what I use. You also have to get the accompanying brush to go with it!

If you have any questions about other eyebrow products or if you want a tutorial let me know πŸ™‚

XO, graphic design

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