Apartment Hunting

GUYS, apartment hunting is SO much harder than I ever would have thought it would be! Of course, I am being really picky but I plan to live where I move until I move in with a boyfriend/fiancΓ© and that clearly isn’t happening ANY time soon!

I have gone for three weekends in a row searching and still nothing has fit exactly what I am looking for. It is beyond frustrating and discouraging and I always want to just go home and cry once I am finished. I still have 3 weeks until I absolutely have to find a place to live and I am crossing my fingers that something amazing shows up!

I get super stressed out about stuff like this and even though I have time I feel like I need to know NOW where I am going to live. I am someone who likes a plan and knowing things, being in limbo is my WORST. FEAR.

Everything is going to work out and the stress will wear off and once it does I will be posting about my decor in my apartment so stay tuned for that! So, if you’re feeling stressed try to take 3 deep breathes and keep on trucking.

Love you Vestidos!

XO, graphic design

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