Red, White, & Striped All Over

I know I always rave about vertical stripes but I clearly do it for a purpose!! This blouse was such a find at Nordstrom Rack! It is a Topshop blouse and I love how it has a bit of high/low to to wear a blouse, vertical stripesTopshop Blouse//Hudson Jeans//Sam Edelman Flats

Not only do I LOVE vertical stripes but I also love anything red, white, and blue ~Hello, huge America freak here~ This blouse is a bit flowy-er but the vertical stripes keep you looking thin. I put bright blue pointy flats with this outfit so it was a bit matchy-matchy. I love a shoe that makes a statement and a bright blue shoe is sure to attract everyone’s attention straight to my feet! This is a great outfit whether you are off to work or off to run errands around the neighborhood.

Vertical stripes will be sure to keep you Vest Dressed!

XO, graphic design

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