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Olive Green is by far one of my favorite colors. I’d say it’s definitely a recent obsession but none the less an obsession that works in my favor, if I do say so myself. I mean, green on redheads is a givenIMG_6690olive green, summer outfit, chokers, how to wear chokers, the best summer outfit IMG_7266 IMG_7319 IMG_7521 IMG_7778

Topshop Olive Green Shirt//Choker//Hinge Jean Skirt//Rebecca Minkoff Backpack//Valentino Sunglasses

Wearing jean skirts like this is my absolute favorite. To make it a bit edgy I added this choker to it which I am completely obsessed with! Wearing a long choker with a v-neck is ideal so that the long part can hang down. It wouldn’t look quite right if I had worn a scoop neck.

Make summer outfits fun by adding a choker to them and automatically becoming the Vest Dressed one at the get together!

XO, graphic design

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