Green Goddess

When I wear green I always feel like a mermaid due to my red hair! I love the color green and it is always so fun to wear. I wore this green Topshop dress to brunch but it is also great for work! For work I wore it a bit quirkier by wearing my hair in two braids, a choker, and adidas. But, for this post, I went for more of a polished, professional look.DSC_0037green dress, topshop, what to wear to brunch, brunch outfit DSC_0002 DSC_0031 Topshop Dress//Jack Rogers

This green dress is very flattering because it comes in at my waist and flares out at my booty! When finding dresses to wear you want to make sure you are finding ones that are right for your body type and that are flattering. Something that fits my best friend amazingly might look HORRIBLE on me. So be sure to find your right style and fit and you will be set!

Don’t be scared to wear the same dress but alter the looks a bit as well! It is so fun and makes your wardrobe last so much longer!

XO, graphic design

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