Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans: when wearing them you will feel like a mom, a part of the babysitters club, trendy AF, and like you have the biggest ass in all the land. I AM OBSESSED WITH MOM JEANS! I love them and I love feeling vintagey and like I rule the world in them. Pair them with heels or flats and watch the boys jeans, how to wear mom jeans, topshop, fashion bloggerIMG_0794 IMG_0908 IMG_0913Topshop Mom Jeans//Stripe Top//Topshop Heeled Sandal//Urban Outfitters Purse

With Mom Jeans or really any high-waisted pair of jeans I like to wear a shirt tucked into it so that it shows off my lil waist and big bootayyyy. I added a little heel to the jeans to add a sassy vibe but Chuck Taylors or Vans would also look ahhhhmazing!

So go ahead and raid your Mom’s closet, your closest Goodwill, or grab the same awesome Topshop jeans as me and try this beloved 90’s trend out!

XO, graphic design

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