The Broad

I finally got to go to The Broad the other day with my sister and it was seriously so much fun! The art work was beyond beautiful and an art museum that I highly suggest everyone in LA getting around to eventually. I would reserve your free tickets before hand or be really good at sweet talking…hehe! I wore patched shortalls to the museum which I thought was perfect since it was a super hot day outside!DSC_0064jeffrey koons, the broad, art museum, shortalls, topshop, patches DSC_0034 DSC_0093 DSC_0096Topshop Shortalls//BP Crop Top//Keds//Rebecca Minkoff Backpack

Going to this art museum with my sister was so awesome because she loves art and was an art major in college so she knew a lot about the art work and was able to explain some of the background to me. I loved getting to learn from her about the artists and made for the perfect sister sister day.

I decided to wear a crop top under the shortalls so a bit of my stomach would show. Other shirts that would look cute underneath would be a striped shirt, a long sleeve shirt, or a body suit! The patches on the shortalls make it really unique and so much fun! I also added a few pins of mine so that I could officially be the pin and patch kweeeeeeen.

Be sure to check out this awesome art museum next time you are in Downtown LA!

XO, graphic design

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