21st Century Little Bo Peep

Light pink seems to be a hue that I will forever be in love with. From wearing it as a young child to dance class to wearing it as an adult I love it more and more every time I wear it. This top is half-peplum which I ADORE because I feel like peplum makes me look large sometimes so the half-peplum still showed that I have a figure.light pink, topshop top, peplum, little bo peepimg_1123 img_1127 img_1128 img_1129 img_1211Topshop Peplum Top//Topshop Jamie Jeans//ASOS Bow Choker//Reeboks

Adding the white bow choker to this outfit gave me a very Little Bo Peep-Esque look which I absolutely don’t hate! Especially since Halloween is right around the corner! I paired the peplum top with skinny jeans but a pair of boyfriend jeans would also look great with this shirt. This would be a perfect outfit for brunch or meeting up with your friends for lunch!

Half-Peplum is the way to go in my eyes, so be sure to try it out!

XO, graphic design

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