Adidas Florals

“You’re going to buy that and wear it separately, right?”

“No, I said, I’m going to wear it together!”

“WOW, I honestly don’t know how that will look but if anyone can wear it and pull it off, it’s you”img_1638adidas, adidas outfit, what to wear to a concert, beyonce, what to wear to beyonce, athliesure img_1635 img_1693 img_1694 Adidas Leggings//Adidas Shirt//Quay Australia Sunglasses//BP Backpack//Adidas ‘Superstar’ Sneaker

Athliesure is a HUGE trend nowadays and this is the perfect way to portray this trend. I wore this outfit to the BEYONCE concert and it was perfect. I would also wear this outfit together like this around town or to workout in. It’s great because like any matching set you can wear it together or completely separate, making it so you can technically create three different outfits.

Don’t let peoples opinions of what they think stop you from rocking the coolest outfit on the block!

XO, graphic design

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