Plaid x Jean

Plaid and jean are constantly being worn over and over but this time I paired the two together. I have had my eye on the plaid I am wearing for a long time! I love that this plaid has a bunch of different colors in it and is a bit more original than most plaids AND that it has only one pocket and not two pockets. I hateeeee two pocket button down shirts on myself because I feel like it accentuatesย my boobs which is always the last thing I am trying to do! I call them boob pockets in fact hahajean dress, plaid, plaid shirt, fall, fall outfit, fall outfit idea, fall outfit ideas, topshopdsc_0328 dsc_0330 dsc_0333 dsc_0343Topshop Plaid Shirt//Topshop Jean Dress//Reebok Sneakers//Rivet Revolution Bracelets

This is an extremely ‘Haley’ outfit I’ve been told and I kind of love it! I can’t wait to wear this plaid with so many other outfits this fall! Jean dresses are SO adorable and this one is extremely comfortable. It is a stretchy type of denim so you can actually walk in this dress and sit down which is nice! It has two pockets ~um.hello. who doesn’t love a dress with pockets!?~ And the pockets are flattering, they don’t flare out and make it so it looks like you have big hips! In the summer I will for sure be pairing this jean dress with a crop top underneath!

Make sure you get an awesome plaid this fall to keep you Vest Dressed!

XO, graphic design

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