Furry Additions

When it comes to dressing up for holiday parties you don’t alwaysss have to be dressed to the nines. Wearing all black is an all time fan favorite and peoples choice most days so go ahead and wear that and add some fur to dress it up and make it more holiday-esque!dsc_1071what to wear to a holiday party, fur, faux furdsc_1011 dsc_1029 dsc_1107 dsc_1111ASOS Bodysuit//Joe’s Jeans Leggings//Leith Faux Fur Shawl

By adding this maroon shawl it seriously stepped my all black outfit up an entire notch. I am obsessed with this outfit and when I wore it out everyone loved the faux fur addition!

Be sure to try a furry addition to your holiday outfit this year to keep you Vest Dressed!

XO, graphic design

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