1 Dress, 2 ways

I love being able to have a staple item in my closet and coming up with a thousandddd different ways to wear it. I’m going to show you how I wore one dress two different ways! Of course there are many different ways you could wear and style this dress which makes it so fun!

Topshop Batwing Drawstring Waist Minidress//Topshop Hayden Ripped Boyfriend Jeans//BP High Knee Boots//Jeffrey Campbell Booties//Love Your Melon Beanie

This dress is SO cute & soooo versatile which I lo0o0o0ove! So my first look for this dress was a bit more basic in my opinion. I just paired it with some high knee boots. I love the first look because of its simplicity. I could make it a little funkier with jewelry or other accessories but sometimes it’s refreshing to be a little plain jane.

For my second look I got a little funkier and I am absolutely obsessed with the outcome. When my sister was shooting my pictures she was like ‘to be honest I wasn’t sure about this outfit but now I’m obsessed. I mean I could wear that!’ Hearing her say that made me soooo happy! Also, PSA these boyfriend jeans are AMAZING and will be seen in like probably every other blog post this summer – I AIN’T SORRY. The beanie I am wearing is not only so cute but goes for a great cause! They are an amazing company that is out to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America. So, I highly suggest checking them out!

Be sure to add some staple pieces to your wardrobe to keep you Vest Dressed!


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