Baby Pink Accents

Happy New Year Everyone! For my first post of 2017 I will be talking about baby pink accents! I love creating an outfit off of a color I am currently obsessing over. The color for this outfit happened to be baby pink!img_4846TOPSHOP, how to wear a bodysuit img_4827 img_4828Madewell Bodysuit//Topshop Jeans//Topshop Bomber Jacket//Steve Madden Velour Booties//Topshop Feather Purse

I built this outfit from the ground up ~literally!~ I just got these light pink VELVET booties and obvi my heart flutters every time I see them! So I wanted to wear these booties with the long sleeve, WARM, and BRA WEARABLE BODYSUIT ~can I get an amen altogether now!~ that I jsut got! Finding a bodysuit that I can wear with a bra seems to always be a challenging task. But, I am always up for a good challenge so it’s not the worst thing in the world. Then, I put a fun fringey pair of jeans with the outfit and to pull the shoes into my outfit I wore out my light pink  bomber! And, of course, a lil faux fur ain’t NEVA hurt nobody so had to add an accent of that as well with my purse!

Phew, guys fashion is SO FUN and one of my New Years resolutions is to be funkier with my fashion so get ready!

Make sure to read along to stay Vest Dressed this year!

XO, graphic design

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