Gaucho’s Got a Grip

Gaucho’s FINALLY got a grip people and boy am I happy! I used to wear gauchos when I was younger and of course they went out of fashion but, no shocker here, they are BACK! Topshop keeps making the cutest ones! I am going to show you how I styled my gauchos!

BP Croptop//Topshop Gauchos//Topshop Shoes//BP Choker//Topshop Leather Jacket

I decided to wear my gauchos with a croptop to show off my waist! People will complain and say that ‘gauchos make me look fat’ ummm yeah, if you wear them incorrectly so def don’t do that. Pair them with a croptop or a cute top tucked in so that you can show off your little waist and bangin’ bootay! I wore cute block heels with mine and threw on a leather jacket for warmth!

Gauchos will be sure to keep you Vest Dressed!

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