Hiking the Santa Monica Mountains

I love hiking guys and it is also such a good bonding activity between my sisters and I! For this hike we decided to go to Sand Stone Peak which is the highest mountain in the Santa Monica Mountains, about 3,111 feet high! On the way to this peak there is a point called Inspiration Point which was a beautiful lookout areaimg_4554img_4550 img_4551 img_4560 img_4561 santa monica mountains, what to wear hiking, hiking clothes, blogger, fashion blogger, free peopleFree People Capri Tie Leggings//Free People Crop Top Sweatshirt//Lulu Lemon Zip Up Jacket//Nike Running Shoes//Patagonia Fanny Pack//Wildfox Sunglasses

When going on a hike anywhere with elevation it will get COLD at the top. Not just a little chilly but like freezing you guys!! The windchill was so intense on this day and when we got to Inspiration Point to take a breather before making it to Sand Stone Peak I literally thought I was going to get blown away. So, be careful and don’t go too close to any edges or cliffs! But, with the cold, comes layers. Going on a hike where you are going to reach a higher elevation you need to have at least 2 extra layers in your backpack to put on! Also, bring plenty of water and yummy snacks! We brought fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and all natural beef jerkey! And, of course, TONS OF WATER. Stay v hydrated, a camel back is preferred when I go hiking.

I absolutely love these leggings that I wore! They are so fun with the lace up part around the calf and were super comfortable the whole time. I wore Nike’s but now that I own a pair of hiking boots I would have worn those instead.

Make sure to layer up to stay WARM and Vest Dressed on your next hike!

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