Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga clothing is seriously the softest and best! This is my first pair of them and I am a HUGE fan. First of all, they are sparkly so what could be better!? Second of all, they are extremely soft and they don’t slide down when I work out which is a huge plus! Beyond YogaΒ Leggings & Tops

Finding cute workout clothes doesn’t seem to be hard these days thankfully. Beyond Yoga is a newer brand and it is making the cutest workout clothes! I love wearing them to my hot yoga classes! Also, I would just like to say that I can FINALLY hold a plank for longer than .25 seconds and I am so proud of myself!! Going to yoga has really helped me become stronger which I absolutely love!

Be sure to try out some Beyond Yoga workout clothes so you can be the Vest Dressed in your next workout class!

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