DIY: Succulent Crowns

Festival Season is here ya’ll and I am FINALLY going to Coachella and I am so excited! Since we can all agree that flower crowns are so 2011, my sisters and I decided to put a fun, fresh spin on the original flower crown and we made, wait for it… SUCCULENT CROWNS AND THEY ARE SO CUTE I COULD SCREAM! I am an absolute succccckerrrr for succulents so it just had to be done! Below I am showing you my sisters and I’s crowns and a step by step process on how to make your own so you can look cute running around with succulents in your hair too! XO Haley Supply List: Everything you need you can get from Michael’s!

  • Ashland® Naturally Coiled Wire (sku 10336518)
  • 9″ x 12″ Basic Felt by Creatology™ (sku 10153960)
  • Dusty Miller Stem by Ashland® (sku 10262981)
  • Succulent Pick by Ashland® (sku 10337814)
  • Craft Smart® Mini Glue Gun, Low Temp (sku 10301564)
  • Surebonder® Mini Glue Sticks (sku 10203512)
  • 1 – Ashland® Greenery Pick Mini – Assorted Succulent (sku 10496300)
  • 1 – Ashland® Floral Pick – Succulent (sku 10496301)
  • 1 – Ashland® Greenery Pick – Sedum Assortment (sku 10496295)
  • 1 – Ashland® Spring Floral Stem Mini – Pink/Coral/Lavender Assorted Peony (sku 10496899)
  • Floral Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Measure your head size by wrapping the coiled wire around the location on which you would wear the crown. Fasten the ends by twisting the wires around each other. Continue wrapping the wire around itself until the headband has been reinforced all the way around. Cut the coiled wire with floral wire cutters.
Cut a piece of felt approximately 4″ x 5″. Lay the felt under the area of the headband that twists together and has the cut ends.
Fold the felt over the headband and hot glue the felt to the wrapped wire.
Cut the felt into a half oval. This will be the crown base in which to glue on the succulents.
Cut small sections off of the Frost Dusty Miller stem with a floral wire cutter.
Hot glue the stem sections of Dusty Miller to the base of the felt crown.
Cut focal succulent head from the pick and hot glue it to the felt crown overlapping some of the Dusty Miller.
TIP: Choosing a variety of textured succulents and colors allows for a more interesting crown.
Cut off the floral heads from the Peony stem and hot glue them to the felt crown. Make sure to place the flowers close to the focal succulent and slightly overlap the leaves.
Cut off the succulent buds from the Sedum assortment and hot glue them into the crevices of the crown’s arrangement.
Cut off all the buds from the mini succulent pick. Continue to build the crown by hot gluing these onto the crown arrangement.
Continue to build the crown to your liking and wear in either front facing, to the side or to the back of your head, allowing the hair to drape around the floral.


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