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I had my first trip to DisneyLand of 2017 and it did NOT disappoint! I went with my family and it was seriously such a fun time. We have realized that we enjoy California Adventure a bit more than DisneyLand but you always have to hop over to DisneyLand for at least a few hours!Every time I go to Disney it is always the slightest bit different in the best way possible. I always try to eat something new and different or go on a ride I have never been on! Even though I feel like I’ve done almost everything at Disney I always find something new and fun to explore which I absolutely LOVE!

New food I tried this trip: a CORNDOG and might I say my first corndog EVER! I know I know hard to believe but it’s true! ~I mean just look at my face learning how to eat one haha~ I always hear people rave about the corndogs from the red truck on main street. The line is always ages long which means its gotta be good right? Well, in fact, it was delicious!

Second new diz food I tried: A cinnamon roll. YUPPPPP, I have never indulged in one of my favorite foods EVER at Disney, but, this time, I did. And boy, oh boy, was it delicious. You can get the cinnamon rolls right outside of Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain area! I definitely recommendΒ you trying one next time you go!

The drinks pictured above are from our dinner over at California Adventure at Carthay Circle! I highlyyyyy recommend this place. It was my second time going and it never disappoints.

I love going to Disney with my family. We had the best time ever and everyone seems to get along for the most part which is the besttttt part. We got absolutely DRENCHED on Splash Mountain, watched a special ten minute premiere of Beauty & the Beast ~which I’m pretty sure we all teared up on because we are SO EXCITED AND WE CANNOT HOLD IT IN OKAY!?~ And we watched the beloved Electrical Parade. My Dad was especially really excited to see this parade because he had not seen it since he was a little kid so that was really special to watch that with him and share those memories with him and my Mom.

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I hope you all enjoy Disney just as much as I do!

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