Coachella 2017

I conquered Coachella weekend 1 and I am here to give you tips and tricks for your time at Coachella. This was my first time at Coachella or a music festival in general so I was a little nervous, not going to lie. But, of course, the weekend was so much fun! My sisters and I got to go for free because my sisters company does work for Juice Served Here so we worked 2 quick 4 hour shifts and then could do whatever we wanted during the festival. We also, had free stay because we stayed at my Mom’s friends place in Palm Desert which was about 25 mins from Coachella. The house was so cute like a desert Barbie dream home, I loved it. On the way down to Coachella we stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs so they could photobomb some pics of us ~hehe~ and of course we had to stop at Hadley’s to get their famous banana date shake ~just try it, promise it won’t disappoint~ Pack lots of snacks for the drive! We left crazy early at 5am because we DID NOT want it to take us 6 hours to get to Palm Springs so I suggest you do the same or the traffic is serious hell.

It was sooooo hot at Coachella but I still had to keep my outfits on lock obvs. Wearing your hair up in Spice Girl buns is seriously the way to go because your neck won’t be so hot from your hair being on it! Glitter glitter everywhere was a serious trend this year! I went ahead and put it in my hair and it was so fun! Keep scrolling to read my most commonly asked questions and to see more pictures and links to where you can get my outfits!ย 

Topshop Lace-Up Denim Miniskirt//Billabong STOKED Graphic Tee//ASOS Denim Fringe Jacket//Topshop Mesh Top//ASOS Geeky Metal Frameย Glasses//Gentle Monster Sunglasses//Doc Martins//Topshop Texturedย Ruffle Edge Tee//Topshop Mom Shorts//BlankNYC Jean Shorts//Marc Fisher ‘Yale’ Chelsea Boot//BP Bandana//ASOS Oversized Fishnet Ankle Socks//BP Faux Leather Mini Backpack

Coachella Tips:

  1. Drive down early
  2. Bring a jacket at night because it gets cold
  3. Get your ID checked and wristband FIRST because if you don’t it’s a serious pain in the ass
  4. Bring a backpack
  5. Bring a towel to sit on in the grass
  6. Drink LOTS of water ~it’s the desert, don’t dehydrate yourself or you will be sorry~ a camelback is a great idea
  7. Bring cash – there are rickshaws that will take you close to the venue if you are super tired of walking

Favorite Performer at Coachella: Lady Gaga! I know, I am as shocked as you are. To be honest I was not even sure if I really wanted to see her perform but of course when it came down to it I was definitely going to watch her. She is SUCH a great performer I could not believe it. She played so many of her old hits which I loved and watched her dance in those high heeled boots was seriously jaw dropping. I think maybe I have more of an appreciation for a performer since I was a performer so I get what it’s like and how much work goes into prepping for it and having the energy to dance and sing at the same time! Lady Gaga also played a lot of songs acoustically with just the piano and that was seriously beautiful. You could hear just how talented she is and that she actually is singing which is always cool.

Did You Go To Any Parties?: YES! We went to the Spiritual Gangster party at the Ace Hotel and we went to the PopSugar Party. Both were tons of fun. At the Spiritual Gangster party there was good food, drinks, you could get your aura read, and have glitter and top knots be put in your hair! Popsugar was allll about freebies which like haiiiii all about that. Olivia Palermo was there which was really cool. It was a cabana pool party so some people were in the pool while others were just walking around in normal clothes eating the food and drinking the drinks like my sisters and I were doing. Sugarfina was also a host so that was cool to get some free candy.

Did You See Any Celebrities?ย Honestly, everyone looks SO SIMILAR it’s crazy so the only place I was able to actually spot celebrities was at the parties. Tove Lo and like I said above Olivia Palermo. I know that tons of famous people were there though thanks to Instagram and Snapchat so it’s like I saw them!?

Was It Hard Going From Stage to Stage to Watch the Performers? No, it was not. Once you get a lay of the land it is actually all pretty easy to navigate! The performances start ON TIME so if you aren’t on time you will miss the opening of the act.

What Were the VIP Areas Like? VIP is the WAY.TO.GO. Honestly would not do Coachella without being VIP. The restrooms and food areas are so much nicer and they put the VIP areas by two of the biggest concert tents so it was nice to go in that area to watch the performers.

All together Coachella was so much fun and I am so happy I got to go and experience it. It was really cool to hear all of the music and to see all of the cool art installations they had set up. Next year I want to do StageCoach! I hope this helped you out a little for what the festival was like. If you have any questions comment below

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