Desert X

Desert X is a site-specific, contemporary art exhibition that was built in Coachella Valley from Feb 25th – April 30th. The exhibits are meant to bring alive the desert in the form of art which I think is just the coolest thing ever! My sisters and I were able to go to 3 of the many art installations. We went to Mirage, Circle of Land and Sky, & Curves and Zigzags. Keep reading to see the art installations and what I wore at them!

Art Installation: Curves and Zigzags by Claudia Comte

Outfit Details: Adidas Originals 3-Stripes Dress//Adidas Superstar Sneaker//Diff Sunglasses

This art installation was really cool because far away this looked just like a straight board with curves and zigzags all over it. But as you got closer what looked like a straight board was actually a curved board just chilling out in the desert. It was a complete optical illusion and it was really trippy but really cool at the same time.

Art Installation: Mirage by Doug Aitken

Outfit Details: Leith Crop Top//Free People Hot Tropics Maxi Skirt//Ariat Cowgirl Boots//Irene’s Story Boho Embellished Felt Hat

This art installation was really quite neat. When you get to this installation you wait in a line and they give you five minutes inside the glass house. It was pretty cool to see a house made up of all mirrors. Something I have never seen before. The mirrored house showed theย beauty of the desert reflecting back on the house creating a beautiful mirage. The desert is so pretty as it is so seeing it reflected back was gorgeous.

Art Installation: Circle of Land and Sky by Philip K Smith

Outfit Details: Gentle Monster Sunglasses//BP Tee Shirt//Sun & Shadow Ripped High Rise Denimย Shorts//Sun & Shadow Tie Front Duster//Steve Madden Platform Espadrille Sneaker, Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Patchwork Backpack

This art installation was really cool because these mirrors were stuck into the ground in the form of a circle. All I kept wondering is how and who puts these art installations here!?!? Like wow so much work. It’s really cool that they set these exhibits up though because tons of people go and see them and I love seeing people enjoy art work as much as I do.

If you get a chance to see an art installation you will understand how cool it is. To just have random art in the desert was really neat. I love getting to learn about new artists as well and read about how they came up with their vision and what it means to them.

Be sure to check out Desert X while you still have time!

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