White Fringe Sweater

As Spring is here there are still a few chillier days lingering around and with those days a fun fringe sweater is justtttt what the forecast calls for. I love this sweater because it is lightweight and so fun! The fringe and open back detailing make it so versatile and unlike anything else in your wardrobe.Anthropologie Fringe Sweater//Mother Denim Skinny Jeans//Sam Edelman Loafers//Givenchy Square Sunglasses

This is my first pair of Mother Denim and I am absolutely obsessed! They fit so well and hug the booty just right! The open back on the sweater makes it perfect for a date or a meet up with your best gals. It adds a little flirty flare to the outfit which I love! These Sam Edelman loafers are MUST HAVE! They are so comfortable and I have NEVER gotten a blister from them ~winning~ Plus, everyone thinks they’re Gucci when they’re not so that’s cool too.

Be sure to try an open back sweater to keep you Vest Dressed this Spring!

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