In honor of my 24th birthday I thought I would go ahead and share 24 things about me that you may or have not have known. I am so excited for turning 24 and looking forward to a great year ahead!

1. I’m the only one in my family with red hair

2 I broke my leg when I was 2 years old

3. I moved around my whole life so the question ‘where are you from’ makes me wanna die

4. I danced my whole life & even went to college for it (at least at the beginning)

5. I got kicked out of the Disney College Program. Wait wut. Whoops

6. I still sleep with a Barney that I’ve had since I was two

7. I actually love to workout

8. I’m a clean freak

9. I have eczema and am v self conscious about it (blog post about that coming soon)

10. When I was 14 I crashed my moms car into the garage

11. Instead of a pacifier I would suck two fingers and it absolutely screwed up my teeth

12. Β I couldn’t say my r’s when I was younger, but I lovedddd going to speech therapy

13. I’ve never died my hair and I don’t ever plan on it anytime soon

14 I’m the baby girl out of my sisters

15. I drive a CR-V. Her name is Tracey and she is the best

16. I work at Nordstrom ~and just got promoted ehk~

17. I love to make people laugh

18. When I was eight years old I performed in a dance recital of the Jungle Book. I was the jungle girl and I had to dance with a REAL pottery pot. And I broke it ON STAGE during a live performance & everyone laughed. I continued to do the dance balling my eyes out ~have yet to watch the bought VHS of this~ also wow VHS

19. Disney is my fav thing ever

20. Oatmeal is my favorite food

21. I’m Jewish, but very reform

22. I’m really tall, 5’9″

23. School was never easy for me but I always loved and still do love learning

24. Family is everything

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