Free People x Forever 21

dupe, dupe, dupe it outtttt!ย Now let me start by saying that I LOVE Free People. I just can’t always afford Free People ~ya feel me~ so below I am showing you how I duped a Free People skirt with a Forever 21 one!

Leith Crop Top//Free People Hot Tropics Maxi Skirt//Ariat Cowgirl Boots//Ireneโ€™s Story Boho Embellished Felt Hat//Forever21 Floral Front-Slit Maxi Skirt//BP Faux Leather Mini Backpack

I personally love maxi skirts, especially in the summer. I bought the Free People one because it has a cool black mini skirt underneath which I found intriguing with some killer slits. What I didn’t love about this maxi skirt was that it’s a ton of fabric and I wasn’t too crazy on the colors. Normally I love bright colors but something about this combo makes me think ‘little kid coloring book’ if you will.

I go to Forever21 shortly after buying this and find the CUTEST maxi skirt which I thought duped the Free People one pretty well. This one was perfect. The price is on point, the colors, way less fabric, and still has a sexy slit!

I was elated to find exactly what I wanted $100 cheaper! I love wearing my cowgirl boots whenever I can because I think it’s fun and a bit unexpected so I try to throw them in every now and then!

Be sure to search high and low if you don’t absolutely love what you buy because you may find soemthing a store over that is EXACTLY what you wanted and $100 cheaper! Okurrrrr that will be sure to keep you Vest Dressed!

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