New Job & the Perception of Clothes

So it’s been about a month in my new role as Assistant Manager and it’s going so well! The weirdest part about it however is that now I dress up a bit more and it has totallyyyyy changed people’s perspective of me. While it’s still me – the same old Haley – I keep getting comments like ‘wow! You’re so grown up now’ these comments don’t bother me too much but I’ve realized they are being said due to how I’m dressing.

It’s interesting the perception of clothes has on people. I’m always told don’t judge a book by its cover. That goes for actual books as well as people. A customer could come in looking beyond deshevled but spend thousands of dollars! I think this same concept applies for me.

In my old role I worked in men’s so I was allowed to dress more like a tomboy, if you will. I loved it. I love wearing denim and sneakers and graphic tees everyday to work. But in my new elevated role in the women’s designer section dressing up is a must!

These comments just remind me how versatile I am when it comes to my fashion πŸ˜‰ Remember not to judge someone off of appearance and to always & forever stay Vest Dressed!

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