Maui, Hawaii

Ahhh I went to Hawaii twice in one year! Someone pinch me I am feeling SO lucky! In December and January if you remember we went to Kauai,Hawaii and had an amazing time. This September we decided to venture to Maui, Hawaii and it did NOT disappoint! We stayed at the Fairmont Kei Lani in the Villas they have which were really nice! There was about a 1.5 mile walkway along the water which was beautiful and perfect for morning workouts! Below I will show you a bunch of pictures of our trip and then give you the details about the activities we did, where we ate and what I wore! Be sure to keep reading xoxo



Billabong Bikini Bottoms//ASOS Swimsuit//Topshop Floral Embroidered Skirt//Madewell Tops//Patagonia ‘Re-Tool’ Snap Pullover//Monrow Top//Seafolly Pants//Guria Swimsuit//Becca Swimsuits//Fjallraven ‘Kanken’ Water Resistent Backpack//JohnnyWas Dress//Teva ‘Original Universal’ Water Friendly Sandal

what we did:

~The Road To Hana: this was a longgggggg day! We were all 6 of us in the car for I believe a round trip of 9 hours! hahah it was crazy. I don’t think I would ever do this again but it was good to see and what Maui is really known for. It is a VERY windy road so if you get carsick I would take some medicine or maybe just skip this altogether. There are waterfalls and lookouts and beautiful scenery all along this road. There are also rainbow trees which are really flipping cool!

~Mt. Haleakala: So it took about 2 and a half hours to drive up to Mtn.Haleakala but it was unreal and like anything I have ever seen and I would suggest going. You have to get up at like 3am and leave your hotel to drive there to watch the sunrise. It was some serious Lion King shit! I have never in real life seen the sun rise above the clouds like it did. It was beyond magical! It is freezing on this mountain because you are 10,000 feet up so bring more layers than you would ever think would be necessary. It was about 27 degrees when I was there and I was FROZEN!!!

~Snorkeling Adventure to Molokini Island: I was really nervous about this because I am NOT a boat person. I got sick patches to put behind my ear and they were AMAZING! So if you get seasick or carsick I would suggest getting them. I had them on for 3 days straight while we did the Road to Hana and Haleakala so it was super useful for me to get these. The water in Maui is SO BLUE I literally couldn’t believe it! Snorkeling in this clear blue water was amazing and actually the first time I have ever snorkeled. Normally I feel too seasick to even touch the water so this was really nice. It was also my brothers 23rd birthday this day so it was a lot of fun. Also, the boat we went on was called the Ali Nuii and it was amazing and had food and drinks all day long and the staff on the boat was really great. Everyone was very helpful. I would highly suggest checking out this snorkeling trip if you are thinking about snorkeling in Maui.

~Canoeing:Β this was a really cool little adventure because in Hawaii canoeing is a sport like Baseball is a sport on the mainland. It was really interesting to learn how they paddle and how they walk the boat in and then have to just hop in the boat. They do canoe races from island to island so I also enjoyed hearing about that.

~Biking:Β the hotel we were staying at had bikes for us to use so my sisters and I took those bad boys for a spin! It was sooooo hot and muggy we were drenched in sweat and we were only gone like 20 minutes haha but that was a fun active activity

where we ate:

~Grandma’s Kitchen: local spot on way back down from Haleakala. Super cute well priced breakfast food! Our food came on vintage plates which I loved.


Monkeypod Kitchen: This was a really good restaurant with a lot of options which was nice. The waitress was rude though so our experience was a little tainted by that unfortunately

Uluanis Shave Ice: I loveeeeee shave ice and everyone raves about this one so I obviously had to try it out. What I really liked about this place was that it had unique Hawaiian flavors

The Pint and Cork: We ate here on our first night we got to Maui. This was a really good gastropub! It is in a nice little shopping center so after you can walk around and look at the shops and grab an ice cream!

We ate at a few other restaurants but nothing to write home about haha still figuring out good food on each island. We also grilled out two night back at our villa so that was really nice.

things i want to do next time i am there:

~Dole Plantation

~Lavender Fields

~Walk around the town of Paia. We drove through this on our way to Hana but it looked really cute with a lot of little shops.


Hawaii is definitely one of my favorite places ever filled with so many family memories. If you go let me know if you tried any of these spots or if you found some you liked so that I can try them next time!

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