Pumpkin Season

Ahhh October…the month of flannels, fall leaves, and of course, pumpkin E V E R Y T H I N G!! I have done a few fun activities to celebrate this fun and I just thought I’d share them here. Although it is currently one hundred and two degrees in Los Angeles – yes, you read that right – I am still trying to get in the spirit! I carved a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone into a pumpkin and I was seriously so proud of myself! Probably the best pumpkin I have done to date! So good to know that carving gets better with time ~and age~

I also ventured to a local pumpkin patch with one of my besties. This patch was funny because, 1. it wasn’t cold and 2. it was just on the side of the road not like far out on a farm haha none the less, I loved my time there so much!

Taking a second to slow down and enjoy these fun, small activities is definitely something I need to be doing more of. I am such a go, go, go person that I forget I need to just calm down and do fun simple activities like the ones above.

Be sure to carve a pumpkin and visit a pumpkin patch before the month ends!!

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