Vegas 2017

Once a year I go to Las Vegas and each time it is always different but ALWAYS so much fun! I went with my sisters ~duh~ and one of my sisters friends and it was such a great time. My sisters and I drove to Vegas and on the way there we stopped at the Seven Magic Mountains just like we did last year! It was cool to go there again and get fresh pics! Keep reading below to hear all about the two extremely fun and wild shows we saw while we were weekending away in LA’s second home!

We got there on a Friday afternoon and we checked into The Cosmopolitan which my sisters and I have been wanting to stay at for a few years. The hotel was really nice! The room was big – us 4 girls had absolutely no problem sharing it. I love The Cosmo because it is right in the middle of the strip so super easy to get to pretty much anything. We went to the pool to relax during the day and the pool was very nice – highly recommend it! Then at night we went to the Britney Spears show and OH MY GOD it was everything I had ever dreamed of AND more. It was so fun singing and dancing to all the Britney songs I grew up with and all of her new hits. When I was little and had sleep overs we would make up a dance to a different Britney song and that is something I will absolutely never forget.

On Saturday we went and ate at Hash House A Go Go which my parents recommended so we went ahead and checked it out. The portions here are HUGE so literally share I swear even if you share you STILL won’t be able to eat it all. Plus it cuts cost and we alllllll know we love to save some money, okurrrrr

After that we took a taxi to the Las Vegas sign because as many times that we’ve been to Las Vegas we have never ventured to the sign. The sign made me kind of sad because it had a ton of memorial items from the terrible incident that took place earlier this month in Vegas. The sign is MUCH smaller and shorter than I had imagined it being, so that was a little shocking.

Then we headed back to the hotel and laid out by the pool a little more before getting ready to go see The Magic Mike show! This show was a hoot for sure!! I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. If you can believe it or not I haven’t even seen Magic Mike the movie so that is definitely on my watch list soon. This show wasn’t just a strip show but rather these males were ACTUAL dancers and it was incredible to watch. Yes, there are many sexual parts and they pull people from the audience but it is really all fun and games. There was an actual story line to the show which was really cool, not just men up there stripping. I thought the show was funny and a great time and I would suggest going with a fun group of girlies!

On Sunday we grabbed some Egg Slut and headed to the car to head back to LaLa Land!Β If I am going to be honest, it was kind of eery going to Las Vegas after the major tragedy that struck. But the trip had been planned for a few months and they say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot so my sisters and I still decided to go and we ended up having such a fun and memorable time.

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