Best Food at Disneyland

Disney aka where I plan what I want to eat weeeeeks in advance!! There are so many amazing food options at Disney – some better than others. I think in general I’ve decided that the food over at California Adventure is better than at Disneyland however, Disneyland definitely does have some yummy gems. Keep reading to see all of my favorite foods to snag while at the magical world that is Disneyland!

Okay so0o0o a big part of Disney is the amazing food. Sweets and carbs and fat for daysssss! You pretty much walk it all off anyway, right!? That’s what I tell myself at least haha

Disneyland Food Musts:

Carnation Cafe: the BEST fried chicken meal you will ever have! It comes with three large pieces of fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a biscuit, ugh YUM!

The Corndog Cart: This is a red little cart and it is next to Carnation Cafe and YES it is worth the wait and the money. I had never really had a corndog before eating this one I don’t think? But my sister assured me that this was the best one she had ever had and she’s had a few corndogs! It was cooked to perfection lightly golden brown! So yum with some mustard on top!

-Churro Carts: Pretty much any churro cart you pass will be delicious. Get one and thank me later

-Lollipops: These huge colorful lollipops last ALL DAY and not to mention are a great prop for photos

-Popcorn: The popcorn at Disney is just so delicious and perfectly salty. I love getting it before getting in a long line waiting for a ride

-Healthy Food Stands: These healthy food stands are amazingggggg. I know you all are probably thinking seriously!??? Healthy food after the above options!? haha well yes, these stands have fruit and pickles and apple chips. It is great if you have kids or are just leading a healthy lifestyle. A yummy snack for everyone!

-Club 33: I have been very lucky to have been able to attend Club 33 twice! If you are ever so lucky to definitely be sure to eat there. A very nice fine dining and one of a kind experience!

California Adventure Food Musts:

-Fairfax Market Place: This is where you can go to get the Groot bread! We are big Guardians of the Galaxy people so Groot bread was cool for me and my family. The eyes of the Groot bread are black olives. The bread is sour dough, just fyi.

-Ariel’s Grotto: This is where you can get the most delicious lobster nachos and really good alcoholic beverages (one of the best parts about California Adventure is that you can drink alcohol hehe)

-The Festival Food: Whenever there is a special festival and there is food set up that isn’t normally there you should totally try it! It is always really good and unique.

-Carthay Circle: This is another fine dining experience that is super delicious and had great drinks and service. Highly recommend!

-Award Weiners: As if the name wasn’t good enough the hot dogs they serve here are also delicious! It is also a super reasonable price point if you are on a budget!

In Downtown Disney Earls of Sandwich is amazing!! It is all the way at the end of Downtown Disney so I know not everyone wants to walk there but it is WORTH.IT. for a good sandwich!

Pretty much everything at Disneyland is delicious. The cookies, the ice cream, the fudge, you can’t really go wrong! I know I missed a bunch but these are just a few of my favorites! Where are your favorite places to eat at Disneyland!?

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