Yellow Check, Mate

Plaid season is back and cuter than ever, duh! If you don’t know by now that I am obsessed with plaid then hopefully you are just a new reader! Plaid is my favorite ever – I try to wear it in every season possible! I found this amazing plaid Topshop shirt and I cannot wait to show you all how I styled it. Keep reading to get the look πŸ™‚ XO Haley Topshop Plaid Blouse//Veronica Beard Kate Skinny Jeans//Marc Fisher LTD ‘Yale’ Chelsea Boot//Kate Spade Micro Satchel

I paired this black, yellow, and white plaid top with my new favorite jeans! I am a complete jean hoarder – I loveeeee jeans and I can always go for a new pair, get that from my Momma haha these jeans are the perfect mix of casual comfort and polished style. They are very easy to dress up or down and one of my favorite things about these jeans is that they are actually LONG ENOUGH FOR ME. For all of my other tallies out there you knowwww the struggle to find jeans that don’t look like high-waters on you! Well these jeans are long and extremely flattering so I have found a pair for you all to try. Also, something that is amazing about Veronica Beard denim is that there is Spanx built into the front so that you get a very clean look in the front of your stomach. Who wouldn’t want that!?

This plaid shirt is really fun because it has huge flowy sleeves and a fringy effect. I call these sleeves dancing sleeves – great for a night out but terrible for eating haha but nonetheless still fun to add to your wardrobe and wear during the fall and winter months.

Be sure to wear some plaid and try a pair of Veronica Beard this fall to keep you Vest Dressed!

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