Brown Leather

Santa Monica Place always has really cool wall murals and while this new sunglass one seems so summery I love it! Keep reading below to find out what I am wearing! Express High Waisted Leather Pencil Skirt//N:PHILANTHROPY Alexa Deconstructed Tee//Gucci Sunglasses//Nike Shoes

A mid-length pencil skirt is great for me because it is the perfect length since I am so tall. I love that this skirt is brown since I don’t have a lot of brown in my wardrobe.

I am recently obsessed with this brand Philanthropy which is the top I am wearing. They make a lot of their clothes with rips and holes in them which is their signature. The tops are very thin so definitely only for style not warmth.

Be sure to get yourself a brown leather skirt this Fall to keep you Vest Dressed!

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