Cabo, Mexico

I have never been to Cabo before and I finally got to go at the beginning of this month and it was seriously such a great time. It was a family vacation without the oldest and youngest siblings so me and my sister called it the middle child vacation hehe – below I am talking about what I did while in Mexico, where I stayed, and where I ate! Be sure to check it out XO Haley

To be honest, we almost cancelled our trip to Cabo due to the heads that they found in a suitcase! But we decided to still go and just be super safe. And to be completely frank I felt SO safe the whole time! I was so relieved. We had cars that would come and pick us up for dinner and after dinner the taxi’s were very easy to get and were very safe.

Cabo water was so blue and beautiful. I spent most of my time in the pool because the ocean is not safe to go into because there is a big under toe. We had a beautiful pool and jacuzzi in the back of our house that looked out onto the ocean. We stayed in a villa inside the Esperanza Resort and it was AMAZING. It was a huge house, we had a lady come and cook us breakfast every morning and clean our place. In the resort we had a golf cart that we could drive all about which was really cool.

The breakfast these sweet ladies would cook us was without a doubt my favorite food from the whole trip. It was so delicious and so authentic. We ate at a ton of nice restaurants but none of them were really what I was expecting when I think of food Mexico would have to offer. My favorite place out of the ones we ate at though would have to be a place called Toro. I would go back there again in a heart beat. Weird enough I got sushi at this restaurant and it was! Another restaurant that was pretty good was La Hacienda. It had an amazing view of the famous arch so it’s a good place to go to watch the sunset and enjoy some chips and guacamole.

As far as activities go for Cabo we really just relaxed which was a nice change from our usual vacations! We laid by the pool, took polaroids, flew around the drone, worked out, played so many board games, and jut had good quality time. But we did get massages which was lovely. They came to the house and set up outside and we got 90 minute glorious massages. This was by far one of the best massages I have ever had! And then for a more adventurous activity we went ATVing which was really fun! I have always wanted to go ATVing so this was perfect. I know my Dad really enjoyed it too!

The sunsets in Cabo are SO vibrant and unlike anything I have ever seen. The sky literally turns HOT PINK it’s so beautiful. If you have never been to Cabo, Mexico you’ve got to check it out! Can’t wait to go back again!

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