Motorcycle Chic

The first thing my Mom said to me when I came down wearing this outfit was ‘where’s your helmut?’ While she thought it was hilarious I definitely looked at her a bit blankly and she said ya know like a motorcyclist in your leather. I told her I am fashion not a motorcycle driver…but here I am… naming my post motorcycle chic *eye roll emoji*

Zara Pleather Top//RE/DONE Originals High Waist Stove Pipe Jeans

This outfit is pretty simple but ~simply amazing~ if you will πŸ˜‰

Pleather everything is my obsession right now. I thought this top was so cute with the little frilly details on the sleeves. I tucked it into my favorite denim of course. Re-Done denim doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it so sizing up a size or two is completely normal.

This tank would also look great with a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck underneath it. You know me, all about layers!

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