Pink Pants

I love wearing colorful jeans. I think it is such a nice change up and keeps the wardrobe looking fresh. Blush pink is one of my favorite colors right now so of course when I saw these I knew I had to get them! Keep reading below to see my new favorite layering technique and how I styled these jeans! XO Haley

AG ‘The Prima’ Cigarette Leg Skinny Jeans//J.Crew Long Sleeve//Good American Good Sweats The Chunky Zip Pullover//Nike ‘Classic Cortez’ Sneaker

This Good American pullover is one of my favorite new pieces and it is currently on sale so you all have lucked out! I really love layering this piece with everything. Throwing it on over dresses, over workout clothes, or over a long sleeve tee-shirt like I’ve done here. The pants and my Nike Cortez match almost perfectly which was just random luck! I have always thought these shoes kind of look like bowling shoes but I like them anyway haha plus bowling is where it’s at okurrrr. These shoes are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever. I wore them for 9 hours my first day wearing them and did not have any blisters AT ALL!! It was such a nice change from normally getting new shoes and breaking them in.

Be sure to try some colorful jeans and this layering technique with pullovers to keep you Vest Dressed!

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